If you're using Surveys in Lattice, you can associate custom user data with your employees to analyze engagement survey data in the ways that best fit your needs. 

Useful custom fields to add

The custom fields that you add should be ones that best fit the needs of your company and allow you to gain additional insights from your survey responses. Some fields that you might find useful are:

  • Salary band (60k - 80k, 80k-100k, 100k-120k, 120k+)
  • Office location (SF, New York, Dublin)
  • Job Level (IC, Manager, Director, VP, Executive)
  • Business unit

Setting up a custom field

To set up your first custom field:

Step 1: Navigate to the "People" page found on the "Admin" panel
Step 2: Click on the "Custom Fields" tab
Step 3: Click on "Create custom field" 

From here, you can give your custom field a name and set what choices the field should have. 

For example, if you wanted to associate an employee with their location to can compare survey results across different offices, you would name the field "Office" and set each office as a choice of that field. 

Editing a custom field

After you've created a custom field, you can change the choices by clicking View/Edit from the custom field management page. This will let you change the name of the custom field and remove choices. Removing a choice (ie removing an office location) will not affect users who currently have that set for that field, but will prevent new users from being assigned that choice.  

Filling in user data

There are two ways to set values to custom fields for an employee. On a one-off basis, admins can edit the value of an employee's custom field from the People page in the Admin panel by finding an employee and clicking Edit Profile. 

To bulk change the custom fields of many employees at once, admins can upload a CSV (also from the People page on the Admin Panel) by clicking Upload CSV. In the CSV, be sure to have a column for the custom field you want to change, and that all of the values for each employee are a valid option for that custom field. 

Note: At the moment, custom fields are only used in the context of survey analytics, and only admins are able to fill out custom user fields. We are currently working to expand this functionality in the near future! 

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