Step 1: Select your peers

The first step in the 360 performance review process is to nominate your peers. Think of the teammates you've worked closely with and ones that could provide you with insightful feedback. 

Lattice will allow you nominate anyone that is not your listed manager or direct report. After you nominate your peers, your manager will be asked to approve your selections which could include adding some additional peers or removing some of your selections.

Step 2: Complete your reviews

Next step is to start completing your reviews. Depending on how your admin set it up, you will likely have to review yourself as well as some other team members. 

Begin answering your requested surveys. Lattice will automatically save your answers as they are completed. Each answer is saved in real time so you can exit the Reviews tool and finish later.

The left sidebar will show you the reviews that you have been asked to complete, and whether or not you have completed them. Once you have answered all of the questions within a review, click 'Submit Review' at the bottom to lock and finalize that individual review.

Step 3: Prepare for your reviews

Make sure you are aware of when your review will be conducted. Spend some time gathering your goals, check-ins, and other documentation that pertains to your performance during the current review cycle. This review cycle is for you to deep dive into your past performance and come up with a plan to help you grow! 

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