As a manager, Lattice gives you the ability to discover and manage information about your direct reports on the "Your Team" page. To get here, click "Your Team" in the top navigation bar.

On the "Your Team" page you will be able to:

  • View all of your direct reports
  • Set up and manage Updates and 1:1's
  • View and create your direct reports' Goals
  • View and give Feedback to your direct reports
  • View review cycle feedback for your direct reports

Getting started

When you first land on the "Your Team" page, you will quickly find a list of your direct reports.

Set up and manage Updates and 1:1's

If you have this feature enabled, you can now see your direct reports' updates, plan/review their 1:1's, and see an average of their sentiment scores from previous updates.

Blue buttons indicate that there are actionable items. A badge lets the manager know how many outstanding updates and 1:1's there are for that report. 

By clicking the ellipsis to the right of the blue button, you can quickly manage, enable, and disable that individual's updates and 1:1 feature.

How to view and create Goals for your direct reports

If you have the Goals feature enabled, you will be able to see the active goals for a direct report. You will also have the ability to create goals for them. 

By toggling the "Show" and "Hide" buttons, a drop-down list will appear showing any active goals and where that individual is in achieving that goal. To view a goal in detail, simply click the title. 

To create a goal for your direct report, click on the ellipsis next to the blue button and select "Create a Goal." 

How to view and give Feedback 

The Feedback column on the right shows activity between your direct reports. To view feedback you have given, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the Feedback column. Here, you can also give yourself feedback or write notes! 

Quick Tip: You can also quickly leave feedback for your direct report by clicking the message icon on your direct report's user card.

How to view review cycle Feedback for your direct reports

Under the "Review Cycles" tab, you will be able to manage and view each review cycle that you and your direct reports currently participate in. 

Here, you can select peers for your reports, view their responses, and perform your reviews.

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