In Lattice, users are able to create goals following the OKR format. When creating an OKR, the objective needs to be set to "binary" in order for the key results to auto-calculate and roll up to the overall objective. 

In Lattice, each key result is equally weighted. For example if there are 3 key results, each one will be worth 33% of the total Objective.

Sometimes, there may be key results that are not weighted equally, and therefor the % calculated on the overall objective may look strange. This can be solved by setting the objective to something other than binary and manually updating it. 

We will discuss both of these cases below.

For users to create an OKR in Lattice:

  1. They start by creating a goal from their "You" page
  2. Adding the Goal/Objective
  3. Then adding key results

Above we can see our Objective is set to "Binary" and there are 3 different key results that roll up to this goal.

  1. Dollar KR 1 with an end goal of $300
  2. Dollar KR 2 with an end goal of $500
  3. Dollar KR 3 with an end goal of $1000

Now, we will update "Dollar KR 1" to be fully achieved. Below, we can see that Dollar KR 2 and Dollar KR 3 and still at 0% completed and Dollar KR 1 is 100% completed. Additionally, the overall objective is now 33% complete, since each Key Result worth 1/3rd of the total.

Now let's have a look at the second case. In the example above, maybe we do not want to view the goal as 33.33% complete, since the key results should not have equal weight in the overall objective.

To set this up, when creating the objective

  1. Make the metric non-binary
  2. Set the overall Start and Goal

Below, we updated our Dollar KR 1 to be 100, but the overall objective didn't move. This is because the Objective was not set to binary. When updating, we will need to also update the objective along with the key results (2nd screenshot below).

Below, we are updating Dollar KR 1 to be 300 and also updating the objective to be 300.

Now we can see that the overall objective is depicted differently. Below we can see that the overall objective is 300/1,800 or 16.67% complete.

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