• Company goals or objectives [OKRs] that have multiple departments owning the KRs.
  • Additionally, department goals may have KRs that are owned by multiple individuals.  

The way to go about doing this:

Use company goals as tags: Using tags in Lattice can help you group, sort, and organize goals that are relevant, aligned or similar to each other. You can use goal tags to help organize and easily view KRs for a specific company goal that may be owned by multiple departments.

1. Create your company goal, but do not give it any Key Results

2. Then in the tags section, create a tag that is the same or similar to the company goal. For example, if our company goal was to Grow the Team, we would create a tag that is also "Grow the team"

3. Then, create the different Department Goals, which are also the KR's for the "grow the team" goal. For example maybe engineering, sales, and the people team all have different goals that contribute to growing the team. Let's say each of those 3 teams have 2 different goals that are part of the Company goal to "Grow the Team"

4. When you create each of these department goals, you will want to tag them with "Grow the Team". This way you can easily click on the "Grow the Team" tag and see the progress of each of the department goals.


  • Easy to view goals that are related and all part of a company goal
  • Help keep the department goals organized and on track

Things to keep in mind:

  • The actual progress of the company goal does not automatically update so if you'd like the goal progress to be accurately portrayed at all times, put someone in charge of updating the company level goal based on each department's progress.
  • Everyone in the company will be able to check the goal's associated with the tag to see progress on all of the individual KRs associated with the overall goal.
  • The company goal serves as a placeholder and visual for everyone else in the company. For example, when individuals are creating goals, they are able to view department, company, and their direct managers goals in the context panel. Having the company goal there helps them understand what the company is working on and keeps them directionally focused with the company. 

What about KRs for department goals? 

There are two ways to handle department goal KRs:

1. Individuals own KRs and the department head or team updates the department goal. 

  • With this option, individual's "You" pages will show exactly what they need to be working on, rather than seeing the name of the department goal but Department heads or owners of that department goal are responsible for keeping the department goal updated.
  • Note: This is Lattice's recommended approach because individuals will easily be able to track their goals on their "You" page. Department heads or Managers can devote time in their 1:1s to updating goals based on individual employee progress.

2. Add the individuals as additional owners on the department goal, and use naming conventions for the KRs. For example, use the person's first name at the beginning of the KR to designate who is responsible for updating it.

  • With this option, it's easy for people to go in and work on the goal together and it does not need to be tracked by one person or updated in two places. However, the goal will not show up on the individuals "You" page. The "You" page will show the name of the Department goal and rather than just the KRs that they are focused on and responsible for.
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