Goals help empower employees to control their performance and development with clear, measurable objectives. To create a goal, go to the "You" Page and click "Create a goal." 

Step 1: Add a Goal Title

Step 2: Add Key Results

When creating a goal, add key results or metrics that impact the overall goal. Key results help determine if you are tracking properly against your goal.

Metrics can be:

- Binary: A goal that is definitively complete or incomplete. i.e: grow international accounts

- #: A numeric measurement. i.e: hire 3  new sales representatives

  • %: A goal measured by percentage. i.e: increase revenue by 20%
  • $: A goal that is clearly defined by currency. i.e: sell $200,000 more supplies this quarter

Step 3: Select the Goal Type

Goals can be for an Individual, a Department or the Company.

Step 4: Select an Owner

Most goals created in Lattice are personal goals, owned by one person. However, goals can also be owned by more than one person.

Step 5: Create Tags

Tags are optional, but help classify and organize goals.

Step 6: Establish an End Date

When establishing an end date for the goal, we default to the end of the current quarter. You may use the date-picker calendar to select another end date in the future.

Step 7: Set a Goal Priority

You may optionally set a priority for the goal ("P1" - "P5") which will be displayed next to the goal on certain pages throughout the site. Goals will also be listed in order of priority ("P1" first).

Step 8: Write a Description

You may optionally write a description to remind yourself and your teammates about some details of the goal.

Step 9: Set goals as private to work 1x1 with the manager, or as public for collaboration and visibility

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