Currently in Lattice, only admins are able to create company Goals. However, there are ways to allow non-admins to own and manage company level goals.

Once an Admin has created a company level Goal, they can add other users as "Owners" on that Goal. Owners will have the ability to update/edit/manage company goals. An admin can set this up by:

Step 1: Navigating to the "You" page found in the navigation bar

Step 2: Clicking "Create a Goal" next to "Goals"

Step 3: When creating the goal, designate it to be a "Company" goal

Step 4: Add "Owners" of the goal

If an Admin does not know what the company Goals should be, they can create placeholder Goals, add owners, and then those owners will then have the ability to edit those goals.

For example, an admin can create "Comp Goal 1", "Comp Goal 2", "Comp Goal 3"...and so on!

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