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In Lattice, Admins have the ability to monitor company, department, and individual goals through the admin panel.

Under "Admin" in the navigation bar, Admins can visit the "Goals" administration page from the side navigation.

Here, there are 4 tabs which can be used to oversee and manage company settings in regards to this feature: auditing, activity, tags and settings. 


The "All Goals" sub-tab displays a complete list of a company's Goals. Admins can filter the list of goals by their State, Status, Department, etc. and sort them by clicking on the column headers.

To export all of the company's goals to a ".csv" file, click on the "Export CSV" button.

Clicking on the "Complete Displayed Goals" will end all of the goals displayed on the current page. Be careful, this action cannot be undone after it is confirmed!

The "Individuals" sub-tab displays a list of employees and how many goals each person owns (shared goals included).

Clicking on "# active goals" will display a list of the employee's active and ended goals.


Here is a feed of the company's most recent goals and their latest updates.


Finally, in the "Settings" tab, admins are able to change the Goal display name for their company. For example, this may be useful if your company refers to goals as something else, such as "priorities." 

Admins can also choose if employees can create both public and private goals. If they want to allow the creation of both public and private goals, admins can set the "Default Goal Visibility." 

Admins can also set how often employees will be sent reminder emails to update their goals by selecting an option from the dropdown menu.


Company "Goal Tags" can be managed in the "Tag" section. Admins have the ability to create new tags, edit tag names, and delete existing tags.

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