Things to Complete Before You Send You Launch Email:

Before you send your initial email introducing Lattice and inviting users into the system, you will want to ensure that you have completed the following steps:

(1) Decide which features you will be launching and define your internal process.
(2) Loop in managers on how they should expect to be using the tools with their direct reports. Make them champions of Lattice!
(3) Schedule training dates for managers and employees (if needed).
(4) Gather any supporting resources you'd like to include in your initial email.
(5) Decide on any deadlines, such as:

  • When you would like employees to register their accounts by.
  • When you would like employees and managers to meet by (if applicable).
  • When you would like employees to create goal by.
  • When you would like managers to schedule their 1:1s in Lattice by.
  • When you would like Updates to be enabled for employees. 

To find sample launch emails, click here!

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