Plugin Installation Steps:

  1. Login to Lattice
  2. Download Chrome Extension for Gmail (here)
  3. Click into any email thread which involves an active Lattice user(s)
  4. On the right side of your Gmail inbox, you will see the Lattice plugin - you are all set!

Leaving Feedback via the Gmail Plugin:

  1. Once the plugin is installed & you are in an email thread, participating team members will appear in the Gmail plugin. 
  2. Select the feedback recipient and select the feedback type: "Give feedback" or "Write a note-to-self"  (Note, writing a note-to-self will be private and not shared with anyone else).

3. If you select "Give Feedback" you can make the feedback public (shared with your whole team), private (shared only with feedback recipient), private + Manager (shared with recipient and that individual's manage at Lattice), or manager only (this feedback will be private and will go directly to that individual's manager in Lattice). Types of feedback will depend on what your company settings are. Either way, the feedback will be recorded in Lattice- which will come in handy when it's time to complete reviews. 

4. [Bonus points] If your admin has set up company values, you can associate a value to the feedback before submitting the feedback. Learn more about values here.

Some Friendly Reminders:

  • You must be signed into Lattice to leave feedback.
  • Your team member must be an active Lattice user for you to have the ability to leave them feedback.
  • While you are able to give feedback via the Gmail plug-in, you are not able to see feedback that you or others have previously received.
  • If you are having issues, try logging in and out of both Lattice and your Gmail once everything is setup.

What's Next?

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