If Grow is enabled in your account, anyone who requests feedback either on behalf of themselves or a direct report, can tie their feedback to a particular competency in their growth track! To accomplish this, please follow the detailed steps outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate to the feedback module from your You page and select "Request feedback from".

Step 2: When the pop up appears, input the names of the employees you would like to ask for feedback, and then select who the feedback is about. Once completed, you will see the "What competency is this related to?" field appear.

Do keep in mind, this field is optional and will only appear after you have selected the recipient of the feedback.

Step 3: Input what you would like feedback on, then select the competency to tie the feedback to.

Once requested, the user will see the feedback request when they give feedback, in the feedback module:

When the employee clicks on the "Give feedback" button, they will be able to assess the employee's competencies, on the right hand context panel, as they provide their feedback.

What is available with this feature:

  • Can add a competency from an employee's assigned track to feedback requests when requesting feedback about self or a direct report.
  • The employee filling out the feedback request, can view expectations for the given competency while they respond to the request
  • View-only mobile support, so you can view the feedbacks on mobile, but you can't fulfill feedback requests on mobile
  • Slack and Email notifications

What is not available with this feature:

  • Adding a competency to regular (non-requested) feedback or praise
  • Adding a competency from a track outside of the employee's assigned track
  • Adding more than 1 competency to the same feedback request

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us in our in-app chat support, or via email at [email protected].

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