After determining which questions to focus on based on your Driver Analysis, you are able to create action plans based on your highest impact questions in order to improve engagement scores.

What are Suggested Actions?

Our Lattice Advisory Services Team partnered with the Engagement Product team to curate the list of Suggested Actions that will be presented to Admins and Managers. The original list of Suggested Actions was created in partnership with Customer Experience and Marketing, who mapped actions from real client use cases or recommendations they had made to clients to the questions and themes within the Engagement Survey Question Bank. LAS then refined the list to ensure these actions reflected best-in-class product usage.

Each question has between 2-5 Suggested Actions associated with it, and the suggestions are tailored to reflect the admin or manager persona. Please note, these Suggested Actions will only appear for specific individual questions and not for focus areas around themes.

How to a Flag a Question to add to an Action Plan

Step 1: From the "Results" tab select "Questions".

Step 2: Click on the Flag icon on the left side of the question to flag a question you would like to focus on.

Once you have flagged your questions, you are able to create company focus action plans or manager focus action plans.

Step 3: Click on the "Action plans" tab to enable Company and Manager Action Plans

Please also note that when a manager is viewing their team's results, we will recalculate the impact scores for their team. This allows the manager to choose hyper specialized actions that are more centered towards their team.

How to Create an Action Plan

Step 1: Click on "Create focus area" next to the question you'd like included to your company or manager's action plan.

Step 2: Give your focus area a title and select the Settings. Once complete, click "Save"

Step 3: Once you are ready to publish your action plan, click on "Publish action plan" then select "Publish".

Please note when you publish an action plan, you can no longer add addtional focus areas or edit your actions.

Once published, your action plans will be listed under the "Action plans" tab and can also be found on your "You" page under Engagement.

Please note, depending on the visibility of your Action Plan (public or private), different groups of people will have visibility over the Action Plan - this is called out in the ‘visibility’ drop-down in your Action Plan.

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