When you enable Direct Report (Upward Feedback) templates in a Review, Lattice will automatically assign the reviewers based upon your org chart. If a manager is included as a reviewee, all of their direct reports will be tasked with writing a review about them.

If you don't want new employees to write reviews about managers, you can exclude recent hires from providing an upward review about their managers based upon their "Start date" user attribute. See steps below.

Note: Direct reports do not need to be included in the cycle as reviewees in order to be assigned as reviewers.

Restricting Reviewers by Start Date

Create your review cycle on the Admin -> Reviews -> Auditing page. Then, within your review cycle settings:

Step 1: Enable upward feedback by clicking the toggle button, and assign a template in the drop-down menu below (on the "Reviewers" page). Save & continue.

Step 2: Check the box to "Only allow reports to give feedback..." under the "Upward reviews" heading (on the "Review settings" page).

Step 3: Click into the "Select date" menu and select the desired start date on the calendar that opens.

Step 4: Click the blue "Save & continue" button

Congrats, you're done! Only direct reports who started on or before the date you've selected will be assigned to review their manager when you create your review.

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