When you enter the Lattice review module as a manager, you'll see two tabs at the top of the panel on the left. The You tab is universal to all reviewers, and where you go to write your reviews. The Team tab is unique to Lattice users with direct reports, and where you go to complete your managerial responsibilities within the review.

The second half of this article will focus on closing reviews and sharing results from the Team tab.

The You tab is where you:

  1. Nominate peer reviewers for yourself
  2. Write and submit reviews

The Team tab is where you:

  1. Nominate or approve your direct reports' peer reviewers
  2. View the progress of your direct reports' reviews, and send reminders
  3. Share review results with your direct reports

Click on each heading on the left to navigate between the different stages of the review process.

If you enter the review module:

from a task on your You page, you'll automatically enter the part of the review module to complete that task.

by clicking into the cycle from the "Reviews" heading on your You page (or your Your Team tab) you may need to manually navigate within the review module.

Note: manual navigation is most prevalent when taking action after the review cycle itself has ended. If you received feedback during the review, Lattice will typically direct you to your own results on the You tab instead of the Team tab when entering the review module.

Share results Warning Banner // Pending Reviews

As a manager, you can share review results with your team as soon as the review cycle ends. You may also have the autonomy to do this mid-review cycle.

When you go to share results after the review cycle ends, you may see a warning banner informing you of "Pending Reviews". Pending reviews are reviews that are still being written, and have yet to be submitted. If your review includes calibration, it's common for managers' downward reviews of their direct reports to be re-opened. You may see your own review of your report as pending in that situation.

Lattice won't prevent you from sharing review results with a direct report who has pending reviews. However, sharing results while reviews are pending may give your report visibility into incomplete feedback (any drafted responses will be automatically submitted and included in the review packet). We recommend waiting until all pending reviews are submitted to share. You'll have to go through a two-step confirmation if you decide to share results for someone with pending reviews.

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