After Calibration ends, your Lattice admin may reopen your downward reviews for your direct report(s). By reopening your downward reviews, you will have the opportunity to revise your feedback and make any needed changes.

In this article, we learn how you can access and resubmit these reopened reviews.


After calibration ends, your admin may reopen your direct reports' reviews. In this case, you will receive a notification that looks like the following screenshot.

Note: This notification will vary on the message as this message is 100% customizable and written by your Lattice Admin.

You will also be able to see a task for this on the "You" tab:

Steps to Accessing and Resubmitting your reviews

Step 1: From the email notification, you will click on "Update Reviews."

If you are doing this from the Lattice task on the "You" tab, click on the "Finalize packets" button.

Step 2: From the "Your stuff" tab, you will see the reopened reviews under the "Write Reviews" section.

Step 3: Once the responses have been revised, you will be able to click the submit button and resubmit your review.

Step 4: Once you've resubmitted the review, navigate back to the "Your team" tab to share the review.

Learn more about the sharing and finalizing review packets process.

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