Sometimes when importing employees you will come across errors. Here is some common errors that occur and how to resolve them.

Cyclical Tree Error

A cyclical reporting structure is when you have a circle in your reporting structure. For example let's say your company has three people. If person A reports into person B, person B reports into person C and person C reports into person A then you have a cyclical reporting structure. When trying to upload a CSV with a loop you will be given an error that looks similar to this:

To resolve you will need to find the reporting loop in your org and correct it. So in the prior example we could correct it by having Person A and B report into Person C and person C report into no one.

External IDs Don't Match

For a number of reasons you might get an error that states that the "External ID does not match". This is usually the result of importing from more than one external system or complications from switching emails in your HRIS system. The error will look something like this

The majority of the time, this error can be resolved by disconnecting the employee reference from your HRIS and then pushing a sync back to the system it's coming from.

Missing Fields

There are a number of errors in an import log that will see "Missing field" and then have the corresponding field that is missing in your HRIS. A common example of this is the "Pay Type" field which is seen below:

If you are using BambooHR this field determines which employees are brought into the integration so it will call out when an employee doesn't have one set. To correct these errors you will want to make sure the corresponding field is set in your HRIS. For more info on this see this article on troubleshooting.

Cannot have a future hire date

If you have employees entered in your HRIS system prior to their start date they will be presented with an error of "Cannon have a future hire date" in the import log. It will look like this

At this time you can not have an employee with a future hire date date so you will simply have to wait until the date that employee starts and they will be synced over into Lattice upon their first day of work.

Cannot Assign Inactive Manager

If an employees manager does not have an active status in your HRIS you will be returned with an error of "Cannot assign inactive manager"

You will need to assign a manager that has an active status in your HRIS. You may experience this error if there are duplicates in your HRIS - make sure to assign the correct manager profile to the correct direct report profile.

Cannot find manager

You may get an error that reads "Cannot find manager".

This may be due to a couple reasons. First it may be that your employee does not have a manager set within your HRIS and is suppose to based on reporting structure. It also might be that the manager exists in your HRIS but does not exist in Lattice. You will need to make sure the manager profile exists and is syncing into Lattice to resolve this error.

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