Have a question that you want to talk directly to our Customer Care team about? Join us for admin office hours! A member of our Customer Care team will spend time each week walking through live responses to admin questions through our video chat sessions.

We host office hours Tuesday - Thursdays. Our sessions are 45 minutes each and for each session we focus on specific tools! Check out our schedule:

Tuesdays: Engagement & Reviews 10:00am PST - 10:45am PST Sign up here!

Wednesdays: Reviews & Engagement 7:00am PST - 7:45am PST Sign up here!

Thursdays: Goals & Grow 11:00am PST - 11:45am PST Sign up here!

Fridays: Updates, 1:1s, & Feedback 1:00pm PST - 1:45pm PST Sign up here!

Upon joining office hours, please send your question via the Q&A functionality. Our Customer Care team will respond to the questions in the order that they are asked.

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