As part of our support offerings, the Lattice Customer Care team offers live office hours sessions throughout the week to answer your questions in a video call! Our Customer Care Associates run these sessions and will spend time each week walking through live responses to admin questions through our video chat sessions.

Structure of the Sessions

We host office hours Tuesdays - Thursdays. Each session is 45 minutes, focusing on specific tools for that session of the day. In the schedule, you will see how each session focuses on specific tools. This is done to ensure that you can learn from other admins' questions when you join admin office hours. Please note that although we have specific tools per session, you are always welcome to join even if your question is about another tool.


Tuesdays: Engagement & Reviews 10:00am PST - 10:45am PST Sign up here!

Wednesdays: Reviews & Engagement 7:00am PST - 7:45am PST Sign up here!

Thursdays: Goals & Grow 11:00am PST - 11:45am PST Sign up here!

Fridays: Updates, 1:1s, & Feedback 1:00pm PST - 1:45pm PST Sign up here!

Participating in Admin Office Hours

When you join the Zoom meeting, please ensure to send your question through the Q&A functionality in the Zoom controls.

This will allow the Customer Care Associate to be able to respond to the questions during the session in the order they are asked.

Please note, if you are joining a session that does not cover the tool you need help with, we will still try to answer your question during the session! However, questions about the tools related to the session will be answered first. We will ensure to have enough time for the other questions at the end!

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