What is ADP Workforce Now®?

ADP Workforce Now® is a cloud-based platform for HR management software, where you can easily manage all of your HR functions — payroll, HR management, workforce management, talent, and benefits — and gain insights across them all.

ADP Workforce Now® supports more than 11,000 businesses worldwide, most of whom fall into the 50-5,000 employee range.

What is the Lattice Connector for ADP Workforce Now®?

The Lattice Connector allows you to sync your employee information directly from ADP Workforce Now® into Lattice. Lattice integrates with ADP Workforce Now® so you only have to manage your users in one place. The integration also offers SSO into Lattice. When you add an employee to ADP Workforce Now® or update their user information, you can easily manually resync the update with Lattice.

What's the difference between the integration and SFTP?

The integration enables you to get started with Lattice quickly by syncing with ADP Workforce Now®, allowing most of the same capabilities as SFTP. The integration automatically syncs to Lattice every night, or in a manually triggered sync by an admin. It also allows single sign-on (SSO) capabilities as well as provisioning and de-provisioning of employees as they onboard and offboard from your organization.

The integration does not sync custom attributes. For a more complex implementation that requires custom attributes, we recommend using SFTP.

How much does the connector cost for an existing customer, or someone who was NOT referred by ADP to Lattice?

Annually: $360/year/customer OR Monthly: $30/month/customer. Visit the ADP Marketplace to purchase the integration.

How much does the connector cost for someone who was referred by ADP to Lattice?

Referrals directly from the ADP marketplace qualify to receive the connector for free.

Can Lattice seats be purchased in the ADP Workforce Now® Marketplace?

Lattice cannot be purchased via the marketplace and can only be sold by the Lattice sales team. ADP customers are able to request a demo from the marketplace and will be put in touch with the Lattice sales organization that way.

Customers referred by ADP in the marketplace that purchase Lattice will receive a data connector for free. Customers not referred by ADP that purchase Lattice and want to integrate will need to purchase the data connector in the marketplace.

Please note: ADP integration depends on SSO. Local authentication is not available when integrating with ADP Workforce Now. Please note if you do not have SSO currently enabled, ADP SSO will auto-enable when integrating which may cause users to become locked out of their accounts.

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