Depending on the needs of your organization, admins can configure whether or not a manager of managers has additional top-down visibility in Lattice.

To configure these settings, please follow the steps in our Enabling Top-Down Visibility in Lattice article.

Visibility for a manager of managers:

If the setting is toggled ON manager of managers can view the following:

  • Growth plans and growth areas of their indirect reports in the growth plan from the reports profile page
  • Growth areas in the 1:1 context panel of their indirect reports
  • Growth areas in the reviews context panel when reviewing their indirect reports and add them to the 1:1 agenda.

Please note: the manager of managers will NOT be able to update growth areas from the 1:1 agenda.

If you choose to leave this setting off, the manager of managers can still view reports for growth areas, even if they cannot view the individual growth areas.

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