If you've been a Lattice customer for a while, you might be using the Goals tool for employee growth and development. Lattice now provides employees with a dedicated space to focus on their own career progression in Grow. We'll break down the factors to consider when deciding which tool to use below.


The primary use case of the Goals tool is for company operations.

Goals is best for objectives with quantifiable outcomes. Common examples include: sales quotas, customer retention rates, or number of employees hired.

Individual goals align to department and company objectives. Goals help answer the question of, "how can my work help the company?". Typically, individual goals are set within a framework provided by the company, department, or manager.

From a reporting perspective, Goals allow you to track participation, alignment, and completion. By focusing on business objectives exclusively, you'll be able to get a much better sense of whether or not employees are accomplishing the essential functions of their roles (and how those individual achievements roll up to the success of the company). It can be difficult to take advantage of these reports if your team is using the Goals tool for a combination of both personal and business objectives.


The primary use case of the Grow tool is for employee growth and development.

Grow is best for personal objectives that are harder to measure, but visible through consistent behaviors. Common examples include: becoming a better public speaker, honing project management skills, or delegating more effectively.

Growth areas align to the competencies required for specific roles or job levels, as well as personal skills. Grow helps answer the question of, "how can I up-level my career and continue to improve as an individual?". Grow gives employees the autonomy to determine and pursue their own development and career aspirations.

From a reporting perspective, Grow allows you to track plan creation, growth area creation, and competency growth. These reports help show which employees are working on themselves, and how they're progressing in their careers.

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