Lattice gives you the ability to configure review templates so that reviewers get asked questions about competencies that are specific to the person they are reviewing.

Here's how to set up a review cycle that evaluates each reviewee on the competencies that they have set, starting with creating a competencies-enabled review template.

Configuring the Template

The first step is creating a review template that is configured to pull in competencies. From the "Reviews" section of the "Admin" Panel, create a review template. Set up your non-competency related questions as you normally would, and then scroll to the bottom and enable the "Include competencies in this template" section.

Once you do that, the panel will expand, and you can customize the wording of the question you want to ask about the competencies, as well as choose how you want reviewers to respond to the question.

The response types that are available are the same as in non-competency questions: rating, multiple-choice, multiple select, and comment.

Setting Up the Review Cycle

Once you've set up the review template, you'll be able to assign that template to the review groups as you're setting up the review cycle. Templates that have the competencies portion enabled will be labeled with "Competencies enabled" in the drop-down list when selecting templates in the "Reviewers" section of creating a review cycle.

Note: Employees must be in a published track prior to launching the review cycle in order for competencies to be pulled into their review. If that is not the case, please remove the reviewee from the cycle, add them to a published track, and then add them back into the cycle as a late reviewee.

Writing Reviews

While reviewers are writing their reviews, each competency will be pulled into the response form.

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