Why Use Competency Themes?

Competency themes are a great way to help organize competencies within a track and group them together under a single theme.

How to Create a Competency Theme

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin tab

Step 2: Scroll down to "Grow", click on "Competency Bank" and select "Themes"

Step 3: Click on "Create theme" and enter a theme to group your competencies together

Once you have created your competency theme, you can now group your competencies together in a track.

How to Add a Competency Theme to a Track

Step 1: Under the "Tracks" section, click on the draft track you want to add a competency theme

Step 2: Click on "+" to the right of "Competencies" and select "Add theme"

Step 3: Search for the theme you want to add to the track under "Theme name" and select "Add theme"

Step 4: Click on the gear icon and select "Manage competencies"

Step 5: Move and drag the competencies from the ungrouped section to the recently added competency theme and select "Apply changes"

Your competencies for this track will now be under a competency theme!

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