When you integrate ADP with Lattice:

  • We automatically sync the employees you select from ADP to Lattice
  • We mirror your reporting structure from what's in ADP
  • When employee data changes in ADP, resyncing will update Lattice with those changes

Before you integrate

  • Make sure that all of your employee data in ADP Workforce Now is accurate. When you integrate, ADP will become your source of truth for user profile information and reporting relationships, so make sure everything is updated before you kick the integration off.
  • ADP integration depends on SSO. Local authentication is not available when integrating with ADP Workforce Now. Please note if you do not have SSO currently enabled, ADP SSO will auto-enable when integrating which may cause users to become locked out of their accounts.


Buying Lattice the ADP Marketplace Data Connector

To set up the integration between ADP and Lattice, first head to the integrations page in Lattice and click ADP to begin setting up the integration.

It will then bring up a modal that will inform you that you will want to have your information in ADP up to date and direct you to the Lattice Data Connector in the ADP marketplace.

Click into the listing, and click "Buy now". Note this screenshot says free but this will incur an additional cost.

You will then need to confirm the Lattice subdomain that you would like to integrate with.

You will need to input your credit card information and place the order.

Upon your receipt, you will see an option to "Go To My Apps".

Which will take you into the applications section within ADP.

Note, that when logging in for the first time you will need to approve consent requests. You must log in to Lattice through APD at least once in order to complete the consent request before assigning users.

Optional: Adding IT Admin Users

As an additional optional step you can add IT admins directly from ADP. IT admins in Lattice will be able to administer the integrations and SSO. To add IT admins to administer the ADP integration to your Lattice account, head back to the My Apps section of your ADP Apps portal and click the gear on the top right of the Lattice app icon and select "Assign Users".

From here, you can add or remove these IT admin users from the Lattice app.


To sync your Lattice user data with ADP, go to the Integrations section of the Admin Panel, and click on "Sync". This will pull in any changes that you've made in ADP into Lattice. Make sure that everything's updated! You can also select whether you would like to sync automatically each night or whether you would like to manually push syncs yourself.


To disconnect Lattice and ADP, click on the "My Apps" and locate the icon for Lattice. Click the gear icon and then "Manage app". On the next page, click "Cancel Subscription" to disconnect Lattice and ADP.

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