Below is an email that you can use to introduce your team to Lattice pulse surveys, and why they are so important. You can always change the information in the email to more align with your team's launch, but make sure to answer three things in your launch email:

  1. What you are doing (Launching Lattice)
  2. Why you are doing it (Running your Teams Pulse Surveys)
  3. Your expectations for the team [Create your account and complete your surveys each (cadence: week, every 2 weeks, month)]

Hi Team,

We are very excited to announce the launch of Lattice, our new employee engagement system. We’re using Lattice to run our Pulse surveys, which launch [this week, this month]!

Lattice provides a simple and focused tool so we can devote as much time as possible to the actual action items that result from your feedback. We'll be launching pulse later this [week, month] - if you haven't already gotten one, look out for an invite from Lattice in your inbox. Make sure to register for your account no later than [date].

Pulse surveys are an opportunity for us to learn how our employees are feeling about [company name]. All answers will be completely anonymous so please answer honestly.

Why are pulse surveys important?
Pulse surveys are an important opportunity for management to understand how employees are feeling about their role, their team, their company, etc. by providing anonymous and honest feedback in the form of agree/disagree questions and comments. Your response to each pulse will be analyzed in aggregate to help us assess what we're doing well as a company and where we could improve in near real-time. We’ll be sharing the findings to the company every [cadence].

Completing pulse surveys
Pulse surveys are regular recurring mini-surveys that you will receive every [cadence]. You’ll be asked [# of questions] each pulse, and they typically require no more than a minute of your time to complete. Pulses will be sent to you randomly between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Please keep an eye out for Lattice notifications in [your email inbox, Slack, or both] letting you know it’s time to complete a pulse.

[date] - First batch of results are analyzed.
[date] - Results and a plan of next steps will be shared broadly at [company all hands/team meetings/etc]

Survey confidentiality
The responses from the survey will be confidential through all parts of this process and will never be tied to employee names. The survey is administered by a third party (Lattice) and all results are not stored on any person’s computer here.

What happens after the survey is finished?
After pulse has been running for [time period] [people or team] will review the results and then share them at a company all hands. We will pull out key themes of where [company name] is doing well and where we can improve. For the areas of improvement, we will share action items that will be incorporated into our company goals. This will be a continuous process where we will continue to run pulse surveys [cadence] to monitor our progress, and identify new areas to improve.

Thank you for your time and help in making [company name] a better place to work. If you have any questions about Lattice or the upcoming pulse surveys please reach out to me or your manager.


What's Next?

For additional email and presentation deck templates be sure to check out our Change Management Hub in Lattice University.

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