Lattice can send reminder notifications for all of the tools in our performance suite and for engagement surveys. These reminders can either be scheduled or sent out ad hoc depending on the tool. Below is a list of these notifications broken down by tool.


Lattice will send you a reminder notification one hour before and one hour after your 1:1 is set to take place. Individuals can opt out of these notifications from their personal notification settings.


Update reminders can be set at a few different levels. Currently, Update reminders are sent at 9AM PST. If the manager override is off then everyone at the company will receive reminders based upon the cadence set in the Updates settings in the admin dashboard.

If the manager override is on managers will be able to set a team-wide default in the Settings section of their Your Team page. They will also have the option to switch to the company defaults.

Managers can set custom settings for the cadence of reminder updates for each of their direct reports by navigating to the ellipsis next to their name in the Your team tab.

From there you can select to manage the update settings and select custom settings and set the cadence.

As with 1:1 reminders, individuals have the option to opt out of these reminders.


The cadence for goal reminders is set on the admin level from the Goals settings. These notifications are sent out at 1PM PST the day the reminders go out. The weeks that the reminders are sent based on an ISO calculator that calculates cadence every week, two weeks, month, or quarter beginning on the first week of the calendar year. So for example, if you select monthly notifications they would be sent on week 4, 8, 12, etc.


You will be reminded of a pending feedback request 3 business days after you have been requested to give feedback about someone. If you have completed the request prior to then you will not receive a notification. Pending requests are visible in the feedback modal accessible from the You page.


If you have selected an org chart based review that is on a custom timeline reminders can be sent ad hoc to all reviewers who haven't finished their reviews in a given cycle.

More information for this notification can be found here.

If you have selected an org chart based review and have selected the sequence to be set to a timeline you can schedule when a reminder should be sent out in the setup flow of the review.

Reviews created by automated rules will receive a reminder email if the review is set to an automatic sequence and reviewers have 4 business days or longer to write a review. They will receive their notification two days prior to the close of the review cycle.


Similar to reviews, reminders for surveys can be sent out ad hoc as needed from the admin section of the Survey from the participation tab.

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