With Engagement Survey sentiments, Lattice Admins can quickly gain a high-level understanding of whether survey comments are positive, neutral, or negative. This can help reduce the amount of time you spend identifying focus areas to improve employee engagement.

Once your employees have completed a survey and the anonymity threshold has been met, Admins can access results and reference overall survey sentiment, gained from the free-text comments.

Additionally, in the list view of your results, a sentiment will be associated with each theme, question and comment.

Lattice's Natural Language Processing engine leverages leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide the most accurate and rapid sentiment tagging possible from free-text responses.

Scores vs. Sentiments

Please note: The engagement score and sentiment score are unrelated.

Engagement scores are based on the question responses (Strongly disagree to strongly agree). While sentiment scores are based on language provided in the free-text comments.

Filtering Survey Comments by Sentiment

Admins have the ability to filter comments by sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) or response (agree, neutral, disagree etc.).

To filter your responses:

Step 1: Navigate to your survey Results panel

Step 2: Toggle to the "comments" tab, and under "Filter by", select the sentiments or responses that you want to assess.

You can also leverage the "Export CSV" button to share any insights with leadership from the filters you have selected.

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