Employees are able to create customized agenda templates, for agenda items they'd like to discuss regularly in their 1:1 relationships. Agenda templates are an organized way to add recurring talking points to your 1:1 meetings.

Creating an Agenda Template in your 1:1 Meeting "Settings"

Step 1: On the top of your "You" page select "Plan next 1:1"

Step 2: Click into the "Settings" of the 1:1 relationship you'd like to set an agenda template for.

Step 3: In the "Settings" scroll down to the Default agenda template section. Under this section, you'll see either "Custom" or the option to "Create a new template" for the upcoming 1:1.

The "Custom" template is made up of any previously added recurring 1:1 talking points, for that specific 1:1 relationship. If you'd like to add talking points to the "Custom" template and create a new agenda template, you can add in new talking points under any existing talking point. To create the template, click "Create as template".

To create a new template, click "Create a new template"

Step 4: From here, you'll be able to name the template, add talking points, and assign the template out to other 1:1 relationships. Lastly select the blue "Save" button.

Note: Employees will always be able to either return to the "Custom" template or create new templates.

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