While we have a lot of product updates to share in this email, we first want to share a more important update with you from a company-level.

This past month has led to worldwide reflection on the issues of systemic racism as well as provided an enormous learning opportunity thanks to the outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. At Lattice, we examined our own policies and identified many opportunities where we could better represent and practice diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. To that end, we've committed to a number of new programs and objectives moving forward that we will announce in the coming days.

We recognize this is only the start of a lifelong journey. We're looking forward to continuing to learn and share our progress along the way.

And now, here are the many updates and new features we built over the past month.

What's New in Lattice

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More Upgrades to 1:1s and Feedback:

Ad Hoc 1:1s | With ad hoc 1:1s, you can now schedule a 1:1 meeting with anyone at anytime. You don't have to set a regular cadence, and they won't interrupt the regular 1:1s you have already set. Learn more about scheduling ad hoc 1:1s

Update Answers as Talking Points | 1:1s and Updates are now further connected by allowing you to add an employee's Update answer as a talking point for your next 1:1. This encourages conversations around sentiment scores, review progress, and celebrate wins together. See how to add an update answer as a talking point.

Request feedback from multiple people | Feedback is crucial to personal and professional growth. Now, we've made it easy to request feedback from up to 10 people in a single request in Lattice.

Tag Multiple Values in Feedback in Slack | Slack recently updated interactions with apps to use modal inputs rather than dialog boxes. This is a subtle change for users, but for us, it unlocks a lot more opportunities for more complex and interesting user actions between Lattice and Slack. So far, we've updated the feedback interaction so that you can now tag multiple values to feedback right from Slack

Employee Celebrations! 🎉

As we have adjusted to our new work from home lives, it is harder to stay connected with each other, so we created Celebrations to bring back a bit of joy into the workday. With Celebrations enabled, you will see a new tab on the Company page where you can see new hires, anniversaries, and birthdays. And best of all, we help you start the celebration with some flair over their avatars.‍ Turn on employee celebrations.

Toggle Office Party | We've heard that lots of customers have been loving Office Party as a way to get to know everyone at their company. But in case the competition gets too heated, you can now turn Office Party off.‍ Learn more about Office Party.

Pulse eNPS and Engagement Updates:

eNPS for Pulse | Start measuring eNPS using pulse surveys! eNPS is your north star metric for employee experience. It asks the question, “How likely are you to recommend our company as a place to work?” on a scale of 0–10. Learn about setting up eNPS for pulse surveys.

Select Participants for Engagement Surveys | We've received a lot of helpful feedback about usability improvements for selecting engagement survey participants, and we're excited to announce a few significant updates. You can now add all employees to a survey quickly, or use filters (including custom attributes) to bulk select and add participants.

Sentiment Reporting Improvements | Now you can see the sentiment trend of your direct report over the past 4 possible updates rather than an all-time average. Sentiment scores now better reflect the present state, while all-time averages are still available in admin reporting.

Core System Improvements

Improved Text Editor | The text editor is one of those utilities that holds everything together. It's an unsung hero, so to speak. Our team completely rebuilt the text editor from the ground up to make it even more heroic so you can have an even more seamless experience using Lattice.

Disconnect individuals from HRIS | Admins can now select to disconnect an individual employee when, for example, an HRIS sync accidentally created duplicate users.

Adjust Your Avatar | Until now, we used an algorithm to automatically focus on the face in an uploaded profile picture, or avatar. For most, this worked fine. But for some, their avatars were strangely cut off or focused on the wrong area which was understandably frustrating. Now, when a user uploads an image, they can pan and zoom anywhere to find the perfect angle. Users can also edit their current avatar in the same way.

New Resources

Resources for Humans Virtual Conference

​We're hosting our second virtual conference on Wednesday, September 16, bringing in 40+ speakers from companies of all sizes to talk about people strategy in the new world of work. We have an incredible agenda in store and you can earn HRCI credits for attending. Register for free!

Webinar: Q2 Lookback, Q3 Sneak Peek

Join us on Wednesday, July 15 as we review some of the biggest product updates and features we released in Q2 and take a sneak peek at a few things we have in store for Q3. Grab your seat!

Customer Spotlight: ParkHub

As their team began the transition to remote work due to COVID-19, ParkHub's General Counsel & Chief of Staff, Nick Schanbaum, needed a way to quickly understand how to support his people. He used Lattice’s Crisis Response Survey to gather feedback about what he and company leaders could be doing, and took action. “We need to know if we're doing the right thing, and we need to know in real-time. Happy employees are productive employees, and if our teammates feel unsupported or unheard, then we owe it to them - and to our stakeholders - to take productive steps to raise morale and address their concerns as quickly as possible.” Read more about how he navigated the rapid change at ParkHub with Lattice.

Latest Lattice Tips & Thoughts

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