Lattice allows you to pull in both default and custom attributes from your HRIS in order to automatically sync each employee's level. This can come in handy by removing any duplicative work of having to manually update an employee when they moved into a different level within their job role.

Create the Attribute within Your HRIS

Many HRIS systems have a way of tracking levels using either a default or custom attribute. For example, Namely often uses "Job Tier", Rippling may use "Level" and so on. Our integration allows you to sync these attributes into Lattice in order to link them to Grow levels.

We recommend reviewing the best way to track levels with your HRIS provider before moving on to the next step.

Import User Attribute from the HRIS

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin Panel and select "User Attributes".

Step 2: Select "Create custom attribute" and click "Import custom attribute from HRIS".

Step 3: Once you select the attribute within your HRIS that you want to pull into Lattice, go ahead and select "Add attribute".

Map the attribute to Grow

Next, you will need to connect the attribute Lattice is pulling in to Grow so that the platform can then automatically assign and reflect changes to employee level titles via nightly sync.

Step 1: Enter the Admin panel.

Step 2: Navigate to your Grow Settings page.

Step 3: Select the attribute you are pulling into Lattice and scroll up to "Save".

Step 4: To ensure all values are updated within Lattice, manually sync by selecting "Sync".

Once the attribute has been synced with Lattice, you will now need to link the levels to the connected attribute values.

Step 1: Enter your track.

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