Employees are able to create customized agenda templates for agenda items they'd like to discuss regularly in their 1:1 relationships. As a manager, this allows you to efficiently plan your 1:1s and is a great way to ensure you're touching base with each of your direct reports about any team-wide projects or initiatives.

Managers can create agenda templates in two ways:

  • From the "Your Team" tab
  • Directly from the 1:1 relationship

When a manager creates an agenda template, they'll be able to edit each template's talking points that they've created. Employees that are not managers can create agenda templates in their 1:1s on their end, but will not be able to edit an agenda template their manager has created.

*Note: An employee will only be able to edit the agenda templates that they have created.

Creating an Agenda Template from the "Your Team" tab:

Step 1: Click into the "Your Team" tab at the top of your screen

Step 2: Click into "1:1s" then "Agenda templates"

Step 3: Next, click "Create new agenda template"

Step 4: Name your template, add in talking points, and choose who you'd like this agenda template to be assigned to (optional). You're able to assign the template to as many teammates as you'd like (as long as you have set up 1:1 relationships with those individuals).

Note: Only the creator of the template will be able to view the employees the template is shared with; the direct report will not be able to view who the template is shared with.

Step 5: Once your talking points have been added and employees have been assigned, click "Save". Your agenda template will now be saved!

Edit or Delete an Agenda Template

If you need to make edits in the future, you can always "Edit" or "Delete" the agenda template by clicking the ellipses next to your template.

Creating an Agenda Template in your 1:1 Meeting "Settings"

Step 1: On the top of your "You" page select "Plan next 1:1"

Step 2: Click into the "Settings" of the 1:1 relationship you'd like to set an agenda template for.

Step 3: In the "Settings" scroll down to the Default agenda template section. Under this section, you'll see either "Custom" or the option to "Create a new template" for the upcoming 1:1.

The "Custom" template is made up of any previously added recurring 1:1 talking points, for that specific 1:1 relationship. If you'd like to add talking points to the "Custom" template and create a new agenda template, you can add in new talking points under any existing talking point. To create the template, click "Create as template".

To create a new template, click "Create a new template"

Step 4: From here, you'll be able to name the template, add talking points, and assign the template out to other 1:1 relationships. Lastly select the blue "Save" button.

Note: Employees will always be able to either return to the "Custom" template, or create new templates.

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