Growth plans are a great way to monitor and document your progress while improving on your assigned competencies. Lattice allows you to create areas of focus called growth areas that you can work on for a duration of time to assist in your career development. Collectively your growth areas make up your growth plan. Once you have been added to a track, you will be able to create and view your growth plan.

Create a Growth Area

Step 1: From your You panel select "View growth plan" to enter your growth plan.

Step 2: Click the "+" sign next to the "Growth areas" title on the left-hand side.

Step 3: Give your growth area a title.

Step 4: Connect a competency within your track by clicking into your track from the sidebar and selecting the competency.

Please note: If given the visibility, you can also view other tracks within your company.

Step 5: Add a description of how you plan to focus and improve on the growth area.

Step 6: Select the duration of focus for your plan under the "Growth period".

Step 7: Select "Create growth area".

Update Growth Progress

It is important to continue to update your growth area with any progress you have made. Your updates will be visible to your manager in 1:1s and during the review cycle.

To update your growth area:

Step 1: Select the Growth Area you would like to update from the left-hand panel.

Step 2: Select "Update growth area".

Step 3: Add your update to the text box and select "Post update".

Please note, any updates that are added to the growth area within your 1:1 talking point will also appear here.

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