Lattice makes it easy to add a track by allowing Admins to upload competencies and levels by CSV or use our Manager and Individual Contributor track template.

Uploading a Track from a CSV

Step 1: Enter the Admin tab and navigate down to the Grow console. Select "Tracks"

Step 2: Select "Create Track" and then "Upload from CSV"

Step 3: Download our CSV template

Step 4: Name your track and add any corresponding competencies, levels, and expectations

Please note: Your .csv needs to use commas as separators. Excel often defaults to semicolons, but those settings can be changed easily. Also, please make sure there are NO empty rows in their matrix.

Step 5: Upload CSV back into the platform and select "Add to Lattice"

Step 6: If necessary, make any adjustments to your track within the matrix

Creating a Track From a Template

Step 1: Click "Create Track" and then "Create from template"

Step 2: Select a Manager or Individual Contributor template to get started and then "Use this template"

From there, you are able to rename the track, add competencies, levels, and expectations from the competency matrix.

Once you have created the track, the next step is to assign your employees.

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