Tracks help set clear expectations for each role within your organization and define what it means for an employee to be successful. In turn, tracks set the company up for its own success.

Creating a Track

Step 1: Enter the Admin tab and navigate down to the Grow console. Select "Tracks".

Step 2: Select "Create track" and then "Create one from scratch".

Step 3: Name the track and add a description to give the track additional detail.

Step 4: Select "Create track".

Adding Competencies to your Track

Once the track has been created, we can now start to add competencies that were created beforehand in our Competency Library or create a new one from scratch here.

Step 1: Click on the "+" next to the "Competencies" header on the top-left corner.

Step 2: If the competency has already been created, select the name from the dropdown. Otherwise, create a new competency by entering a new name. Add a description for additional detail.

Step 3: Select "Add Competency".

Adding Levels to your Track

Levels help define progress for your employees by helping you set expectations for each competency.

Step 1: Select "+ Create a level".

Step 2: Name the level.

Step 3: Add 3-5 expectations to each level for all competencies. These can be formatted using bullet points, paragraphs, or a list.

Once you have created your levels, the next step is to assign your employees to your track.

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