During a review, employees are able to view the reviewee's growth area or competencies to write a more thorough and thoughtful review.

Note: For peers, competencies are only visible if Admins enable employees to view all job tracks or if the reviewer is on the same job track as the reviewee.

For managers, they will automatically have the option to view the competencies of their direct reports from the context panel.

Note: Only the reviewee's direct manager will have the option to view the Growth area in the context panel.

Viewing Growth Areas or Competencies in a Review Cycle

Step 1: Click into the Review cycle from your profile page

Step 2: Search for Growth areas and Competencies in the context panel to the right of your review

Click on "Competencies" to view all competencies pertaining to the employee's specific job track.

Click on "Growth areas" to view the employee's growth plans

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