Disconnecting individuals from your HRIS integration allows you to further troubleshoot some issues that you might encounter with integrations. For example, if a user is not syncing properly, the platform will allow the subsequent sync to re-link the user based on email matching.

Disconnecting an Employee from Your HRIS

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin" panel

Step 2: In the "People" tab, click into "Employees" in the dropdown menu

Step 3: Search for the employee to disconnect from your HRIS

Step 4: Click on the ellipsis next to their name and click "Edit Profile"

If a user was pulled from your HRIS, there will now be a banner at the top of the admin's view of their profile.

Step 5: Click on the ellipsis next to the banner

Step 6: Choose whether to "view last import log" or "Disconnect from HRIS". Disconnecting a user will remove the employee's external ID.

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