After a review cycle has been launched, Admins can track the progress of reviewer participation. Reviews progress participation reporting allows the ability to view reporting by filter (Manager, Department, Individual, and Custom Attribute) and send reminders for reviewers to complete their reviews more granularly. In progress reporting gives visibility around the progress of reviews in the review cycle, and more flexibility around reminding specific reviewers to complete their reviews.

*Note: Admins also have the ability to view reviewer progress by exporting a CSV. To learn more about this process, check out this help center article here!

In Progress Participation Reporting:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Admin" tab, select "Reviews" and click "Auditing". From here, select the review cycle you'd like to view the in progress reporting for.

Step 2: Once you've clicked into the review cycle, click on the "Progress" tab. You can see this in both the "Peer Selection" phase (if included) and "Reviews" phase.

From the "Progress" tab, you can see if a review has been completed, in progress, or not started. The percentages are calculated by using the logic below:

  • Completed (green): The number of reviews that have been written and submitted out of the total number of reviews for that given direction.
  • In progress (yellow): The number of reviews that have been drafted, but not yet been submitted out of the total number of reviews for that given direction.
  • Not Started (gray): The number of reviews that have not been drafted or started for a given direction.

Filtering & Writing Review Reminders:

In the "Progress" tab of a review cycle, Admins can filter by Manager, Individual, Department, or Custom Attribute. Once these filters are applied, Admins can see reviewer progress for that specific subset of filtered users. They can also choose to remind those subsets of users to complete their reviews (or users to complete their review on a one-off basis).

For example, in the image below, I've chosen to filter to show the review progress of only the Marketing team.

Lastly, if an Admin would like to remind this specific subset of users to complete their review, they can do so by clicking the "Write reminder" button for the phase they'd like to remind reviewers to complete. From here, you can choose to remind either all incomplete or in progress reviews.

Step 7: Once you choose either "All incomplete" or "in progress", you can customize your reminder notification and view which employees will be getting the notification. Click the blue "Send Reminder" button when you're all done!

To learn more about how to remind reviewers to complete reviews, check out this help center article here!

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