eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) is the simplest and fastest way for companies to measure employee loyalty and predict the future of their company. This metric acts as a leading indicator for employee outcomes like productivity and retention, and helps HR teams uncover the most actionable steps to improve their employee experience.

Lattice eNPS packs a ton of insight into one question so you can instantly gain an understanding of your culture and entire employee experience. And you can start getting those insights immediately because implementing it in your next Pulse survey takes just one click.

Adding eNPS to Your Pulse Survey

Step 1: Navigate to your Pulse Survey questions in settings and click the toggle button at the top of the Questions page to enable eNPS.

This question is measured on a scale of 0 (Not very likely) to 10 (Very likely) and also includes an option to add a comment similar to other Pulse Survey questions.

How this Appears to Pulse Respondents

When filling out an eNPS Pulse, Lattice users will see the question displayed as in the screenshot below.

Please note: it is randomized when a user receives the eNPS question just like all other Pulse questions, but when it is included in a Pulse, it will be the first question asked. It is also an unskippable question.

After Your Survey

When viewing your Pulse results, the eNPS reporting will appear at the top of the Pulse Surveys page to the right of Results.

Promoters are response scores 9-10.
Passives are response scores 7-8.
Detractors are response scores 0-6.

To calculate eNPS, we take the percentage of your employees who are Promoters and subtract the percentage of employees who are Detractors.
Your result is measured on a scale from –100 to 100.

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