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What's New in Lattice?

Lattice eNPS

This week at Lattice, we launched the simplest & fastest way for companies to measure employee loyalty and predict the future of their company with Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). This metric acts as a leading indicator for employee outcomes like productivity and retention, and helps HR teams uncover the most actionable steps to improve their employee experience.

Lattice eNPS packs a ton of insight into one question so you can instantly gain an understanding of your culture and entire employee experience. And you can start getting those insights immediately because implementing it in your next survey takes just one click. If you have Lattice Engagement, you can turn eNPS on right away. If you want to find out more about Lattice eNPS, you can check it out here.

Curious about what Employee Net Promoter Score is? We’ve got you covered in the Lattice Library, or you can read more about it on the Help Center.

Crisis Response Survey Template

Our new crisis response engagement survey template is designed to surface actionable feedback about how your employees need support in the midst of uncertainty. We used it here at Lattice and we want to share it with you.

You're doing everything you can to understand how your employees are feeling. An engagement survey is one of the best ways to get to insights fast while keeping employees' answers anonymous, and this crisis response template will give you a head-start. Learn more about the questions here.

To see how to use the survey template right away, we’ll show you in our product tour here.

Analyze Engagement data by Review Rating Questions

Lattice pioneered the capability for HR and People Teams to analyze Engagement and Performance data together for the first time to make more strategic people decisions. Since then, these connected insights have been limited to Scored Attributes on Performance Reviews, but now we’re extending this functionality to Review Rating questions, which is game-changing for a strategic understanding of how employee performance and engagement are connected in every direction.

The ability to drill down into multiple different directions unlocks previously hidden insights like:

  • Are employees who rate their managers highly actually more engaged?
  • Are employees who are rated highly by peers more engaged or not?
  • Do gaps in performance perception between managers and reviewees impact the engagement levels of those employees?

Find out more about expanded analytics capabilities on the Lattice Help Center.

Targeted Pulse Surveys

Since we launched Lattice Pulse in October, customers have been using real-time engagement insights to drive amazing impact across their companies. However, we recognized that some companies want to test their Pulse with a small group of users before rolling it out to the full organization or only want to run Pulse Surveys for a particular group of users.

Pulse Admins now have the ability to select specific participants for their Lattice Pulse with a simple filter bar and is editable at any point in time from the Pulse Admin panel.

Numberless Scored Attributes

Some company cultures don't align with assigning a numerical rating to an employee when it comes to evaluating performance. We can all agree, though, that reporting and analytics on review data is critical to people strategy. With this release, the numerical scale does not need to be displayed to reviewees or reviewers for scored attributes. We now allow admins to control the way that rating scales for scored attributes are displayed to review participants.

This changes:

  • What the reviewer sees while giving a score
  • During calibration, the word rating scale will be shown to calibrators, not the numerical scales
  • The web and PDF versions of the review packet to show the text ratings, not numerical ratings

Find out more about Scored Attribute display options on the Help Center.

Optimizing 1:1s for Greater Usability

  • 1:1 Talking Points in Slack: Talk to the @lattice bot or use a Slack message action to add a 1:1 talking point to any upcoming 1:1 meeting right from Slack.
  • Lattice Mobile: With this release, you can view, add, or delete 1:1 comments on Lattice Mobile, which makes the 1:1meeting experience at parity with Lattice’s web application.

Review Automation Improvements: You can now change and swap templates; add, remove or change scored attributes, and delete rules. We’ve also added auto-save in the setup flow and draft state. We know setting up a review can be a daunting process that doesn't happen in one go. Now when you exit the setup flow of an automated review, you’ll see the draft review at the top of the list so you can come back to complete it at any time.

Audit Log enhancements: More and more admins are interacting with Review Cycles and making changes. Previously, the Audit Log only showed changes to the cycle itself. We are now logging and displaying information on reviewees & reviewers. You can find the details in the Help Center.

New “Can Calibrate” permission: This is an employee specific permissions which allows role owners to do the following for the targeted group of employees:

  • Create Calibration Groups
  • Add or remove Reviewees to Calibration Groups
  • Upload or download calibrated scores
  • Input calibrated scores in the inline table

Users with this permission do not have access to any other parts of the Review Cycle, you can find more details in this Help Center article.

Reopening Review Flow Improvements: Reopening reviews can be confusing. Previously, admins had to understand the state of the Reviewee, Reviewer and Review Cycle in order to reopen reviews safely. We’re making this process a whole lot easier and simpler. Admins can now reopen an individual review from the Reviewees sidebar during all stages of the review cycle, even if the Review Cycle or Reviewee is closed — this means no more navigating between Reviewers and Reviewees tabs to open one review. Admins can also reopen submitted reviews or reopen scores from Reviewees sidebar. In addition, when an admin reopens a Review where the Reviewee is closed, it will automatically open the Reviewee, and then when you resubmit, the Reviewee will close automatically 🙌. For more information, check out this article.

Draft review behavior upon closure: When a Reviewee is closed or the Review Cycle ends, we automatically submit any draft reviews. Now, when these draft reviews are automatically submitted, timestamps will say “Automatically submitted” and when you reopen a Reviewee, draft reviews will stay submitted. If you want You must explicitly re-open these reviews like any other submitted reviews for people to write again.

Customer Content & Announcements

Customer Spotlight: Cruise

This month, we want to give a warm shoutout to our friends at Cruise who are leading the way in developing world-changing driverless car technology. Read their story here about how they’ve used Lattice to rapidly grow their workforce over the past several years.

The Lattice Quick Sheet Library

Now in the Change Management Hub, discover downloadable assets helping you get the most out of Lattice’s platform. Assets include best practices sheets, checklists for before you launch, and answers to some of the most common questions we get about features. We’ll be adding to this library on an ongoing basis, so check back for new resources.

Is there a resource you want to see soon? Let us know!

COVID-19 Resources for Customers

With so much changing for businesses everywhere, we put together a series of resources for Lattice customers to help you manage your team. In this article, you’ll find:

  • Links to our COVID-19 HR toolkit
  • Best practices for measuring engagement during uncertainty
  • Tools for transitioning employees to remote work

Take a look and if there’s something we’re not covering, please let us know!

Lattice Webinars

On Thursday, April 23, we'll be discussing how to analyze engagement survey data, present your findings, and work with managers to set an action plan. Following that, we've organized a customers-only co-working session to help you get results right away. Register for the sessions here.

Want a recap of everything Lattice released in Q1? Watch the replay of What’s New in Lattice (Q1 2020) from earlier this week.

We just had a Lattice Training Series Installment on Using the Lattice Slack Integration on March 18.

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

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