So Derek’s been glued to Netflix and hasn’t left his house in 16 days, and Julian finally gave in and baked his first loaf of sourdough. You could say we’re thriving. More or less. Maybe less.

Meanwhile, the Lattice team has some features we’re finally ready to take out of the oven. So… quick — get them while they’re hot!

What's New in Lattice

COVID-19 Crisis Response Survey Benchmark

Companies that have used our COVID-19 questions and template will now have access to a new benchmark in the comparison dropdown menu. The benchmark is made up of over 100 companies and gives you more context for interpreting and taking action on your Crisis Response survey results.

For a sneak peek, the highest score belongs to the question: “I believe my company is taking the appropriate steps to minimize disruption to our business during this time” while the lowest score comes from the question: “I am encouraged to take time for myself during the workday.”

With this benchmark, you’ll be able to compare your survey results with the results from other Lattice customers to help you identify opportunities and set priorities for action planning more easily.

Read more about the COVID-19 Crisis Response benchmark here.

Pulse Comment Feed in Slack

As anonymous comments get submitted through Pulse, we now have the ability to add them to a Slack channel for company and people leaders to have a real-time feel and heartbeat of Engagement without having to log into Lattice. Checking in on Pulse survey activity, keeping your leaders informed, and collaborating around action become faster, easier, and right in the flow of work. See more about this here.

Review & Feedback Enhancements

Select Review Deliverable Types
You are now able to select different deliverable types for upward and peer feedback. This enables more customization around how review feedback is shared based on the review to ensure that the right people are getting the appropriate feedback visibility. This not only allows you to decouple peer and upward visibility settings but it allows you to anonymize feedback to the manager as well. You can learn more about deliverable types and the updates we made here.

Private + Manager Visibility for External Feedback
Requesting external feedback has been especially helpful to companies with project-based relationships with clients. Now, you also have the ability to request feedback from a person outside your company with private + manager visibility. The external person answering the request will see the message “This will be shared with _____ and their manager.”

A Whole Lot of 1:1 Improvements

Recommended talking points
Recommended talking points nudge managers with questions to add to their 1:1 conversations that are made specifically to identify what matters to your employees, understand their problems or concerns, and support them more effectively. The recommendations are drawn from a proven list of questions and conversation-starters to drive alignment and engagement.

Direct Report Initiated 1:1s
We’ve now removed all barriers for direct reports to initiate, edit, and schedule 1:1s. These changes allow direct reports to:

  • Setup 1:1
  • Add/edit/remove recurring talking points
  • Remove the manager’s bound calendar event and bind it to my own calendar and event
  • Note these changes also apply to “Other 1:1s” so now both parties have equal powers and don’t need to pass the “Manager” hat back and forth to make changes.

Simplifying Completed 1:1s
We received feedback from customers that reviewing a 1:1 to complete it is confusing. We agree – the idea of completing a 1:1 like a task is strange! We've now removed the "Reviewed" functionality to simplify this process.

Streamlined 1:1 Notes
We simplified 1:1 shared notes by allowing both participants of 1:1s to see shared notes after they are written. No need to hit "Share" anymore, and notes are always auto-saved.

New Visibility for Custom Relationships
You can now check a box that allows managers of a custom attribute relationship, like a dotted-line manager, to “view manager context panel and recommendations in 1:1s.”

Integration Enhancements

HRIS Integration Improvements
Now you can add a custom attribute from Namely, Rippling, and Zenefits (not just BambooHR). You can also now link an existing custom attribute to an HRIS attribute for all of our HRIS integrations.

Nightly Sync with Rippling and Zenefits
Zenefits and Rippling integrations are dependent on real-time events to keep Lattice up to date. Occasionally, Lattice can fall out of sync with the HRIS when these happen. This update allows you to configure full syncs at night in addition to the live updates. This makes sure Lattice will have the most recent employee data available every single day.

API Improvements
We've improved the user experience for creating API keys in a few helpful ways. It's now much easier to connect data to other systems with UserID and Goal relationships. Check out more on the help center.

New Resources for Customers

Webinars: Mastering the 1:1

Now that so many of us are working from home, 1:1s have become even more critical to maintain strong connections between your employees. In our latest product webinar, we talked about what how you can make sure you’re meeting your goals with Lattice’s 1:1s tool.

Take a look at the replay to get a refresh on the 1:1s tool and see some new updates in action.

What’s New in Lattice?

Can’t wait for this monthly email to see everything that we’re making? Now you can check out What’s New in Lattice? – a page dedicated to our most recent releases and feature updates, no matter where they are in the product.

Customer Spotlight: TopSpot

TopSpot is a search marketing agency based in Houston, Texas. From strategy development to hands-on work with SEO, PPC, web design, and analytics, the company provides clients with a full range of digital experience solutions.

When faced with the global COVID-19 crisis, TopSpot's Director of People Experience Julia Karnezis didn’t hesitate to start finding out about how she could support her team. She used Lattice’s Crisis Response Survey to establish a foundation quickly, made sure managers were taking advantage of the 1:1s tool to stay in close contact with their direct reports while remote, and even enabled The Lattice Praise Wall to display on home monitors to keep the positive energy flowing. Learn more from her story here.

Remote Work Tips & Highlights

And finally, be on the lookout 👀 for an exciting Virtual update coming soon.

Have questions about Lattice or ideas on how we can make this email more useful? Shoot us a reply below. ✍️

Until next time,

The Lattice Team

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