One of the ways to keep team culture-positive is to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. With Lattice’s Celebrate feature you can celebrate your team members in the office or wherever you are with our new Home tab on the company page. This page puts employee celebrations and company values front and center. Who is new to my company this week? Who is celebrating an event today? And what anniversaries and birthdays are upcoming? Lattice will pull employee data for the following celebrations:

  • Birthdays (this does not include an employee's birth year)
  • Work Anniversaries
  • New Hires: for employees who started in the last 30 days

Enabling and Configuring Employee Celebrations

Step 1: Navigate to your "Admin Panel"

Step 2: Within the "Company" tab on the lefthand side, click into "Settings"

Step 3: Scroll down to "Celebrate Employees" and toggle it on

Step 4: Select which celebrations you would like to share with your organization.

Step 5: Choose whether you want to "Display celebration flair". These will appear over an employee’s avatar when they have an upcoming event.

Once everything looks good, don't forget to save your settings!

Viewing Employee Celebrations

Employee celebrations are viewable in various parts of the platform.

Note that this visibility is limited to community interactions within Lattice. Celebrations are not displayed when viewing report analytics, during calibration, etc.

Viewing Celebrations On the Company Page

To view employee celebrations across your organization, navigate to your "Company" panel. Within the "Home" tab, you will have visibility into the present, past, and future celebrations.

Viewing Company Celebrations in the Org Chart

Celebrations are also viewable within the org chart. To view this, toggle over to your "Company" panel. From there, move into the "People Tab" and click on "Display Org Chart"

As you expand your Org chart, you will have visibility into any current employee celebrations.

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