Lattice now allows you to pull your custom attributes from your HRIS into the platform!

How to Sync Custom Attributes

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin Panel and under the "People" tab click on "User Attributes"

Step 2: In the top right corner, click into "Create custom attribute" and select the option to "Import custom attribute from HRIS"

Step 3: Select from the dropdown the attribute name within your HRIS that you want to pull into Lattice

Step 4: Click on "Add attribute"

Note: Ensure that this attribute already exists within your HRIS, as the name of the attribute in Lattice should match the name of the attribute in your HRIS exactly.

Note: The attributes that you can pull into Lattice from your HRIS correspond to the types of user attributes that Lattice currently supports. For example, Lattice offers multiple-choice, relationship, and numeric ranges as user attributes. The fields pulled in from your HRIS will be limited to these specific of user attributes in Lattice.

You're done! Your Lattice users' custom attribute will be updated in your next following HRIS sync.

How to Disconnect Custom Attributes

You can additionally disconnect imported attributes from your HRIS in Lattice.

Step 1: Click on the ellipsis next to the custom attribute imported from your HRIS. Any custom attribute pulled in from your HRIS will have an icon indicating the integration system in which it came from

Step 2: Click "Disconnect from [HRIS]"

Note: Disconnecting your custom attribute won't remove any data but will cease to be updated from future HRIS syncs.

How to Connect Manually Created Attributes to Your HRIS

If you have manually created user attributes within the Lattice platform, you can now link them to existing user attributes in your HRIS.

Step 1: Click on the ellipsis next to the custom attribute you are looking to connect to your HRIS

Step 2: Click "Link to [HRIS]

Step 3: Select an existing attribute from the dropdown and click "Link attribute"

Linking the attributes gives you the ability to connect a manually created lattice user attribute to an existing attribute in your HRIS. When you update the user attribute in your HRIS it'll sync to Lattice as well.

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