When switching HRIS vendors it is important to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to ensure your Lattice experience is not interrupted during the migration.

Preparing Lattice for an HRIS Vendor Switch

1. Disconnect all HRIS Custom Attributes in Lattice

To ensure that your HRIS custom attributes map back into Lattice when switching providers, you must disconnect your attributes before disconnecting the original integration.

2. Reach out to Customer Experience to ensure employees map to Lattice

Your original HRIS provider may be using different identifier External IDs than your current system. Therefore, it is important for Lattice to remove the old IDs from our system to ensure employees continue to be updated after the switch. Please keep in mind this process may take 1-4 weeks to complete.

Please note: External IDs are assigned in the backend and are not visible from employee profiles.

Troubleshooting HRIS Integration

Import Log shows "External IDs do not Match" error.
When switching HRIS systems in Lattice, you may come across the error message "External IDs do not Match" preventing your employees from being updated. This error signifies that the External ID your previous system is using does not match with External ID your current system is using. The result is that the integration no longer maps to Lattice.

In this case, you will need to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to resolve the issue.

HRIS-synced Custom Attributes not Updating
If you find that that your previously synced Custom Attributes are no longer updating, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to resolve the issue.

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