If you'd like to discuss a question from your Update in your next 1:1 with your manager, you can follow these steps to add a question directly to your meeting agenda.

Step 1: Publish your Update

Step 2: Hover your cursor over the answer to the question you'd like to add

Step 3: Click the chat bubble icon that appears to add the question to your 1:1

If you're a manager, you can also add questions from your direct reports' Updates to your upcoming 1:1 meetings.

Step 1: When reviewing a direct reports' Update, hover your cursor over the answer to make the "Add answer to next 1:1" button appear

Step 2: Click the button!

Viewing Update Questions in your 1:1

When you enter your next upcoming 1:1 meeting, you'll see your Update question on the meeting agenda.

Like other talking points, the Update Talking Point (UTP) can be re-ordered in the agenda by clicking and dragging the 6 dots to the left up or down, and marked complete by checking the box.

Notes on Additional Behavior:
1) UTPs can only be deleted from the agenda by the person who added them.

2) If an update answer is edited, that edit will be reflected in the 1:1 with "(edited)" appearing after the UTP.

3) If you try to delete an Update containing a question that has been added as a talking point, Lattice will:

  • If the 1:1 is in the past: warn you that the Update is linked to a talking point, and it will affect 1:1 history when deleted (and then remove the UTP from the historic 1:1 upon deletion)
  • If the 1:1 added is in future: the UTP will be removed without a warning message

Questions? Please reach out to Customer Care in the in-app chat support or at [email protected]!

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