Managers or direct reports can create ad hoc 1:1s if they want to meet before a regularly occurring meeting. Let's say you have a recurring bi-weekly 1:1, but want to meet before your next scheduled meeting. You can create an ad hoc 1:1 in Lattice, to document any notes or action items from that meeting, without disrupting the cadence of your 1:1.

Additionally, this feature is beneficial for employees who want to meet with coworkers on an ad-hoc basis. This allows for 1:1s to occur when needed, rather than on a regularly occurring basis.

To create an ad hoc 1:1 meeting in Lattice, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select "Plan next 1:1" at the top of your "You" page.

Step 2: Select the '+' icon in the top left corner of your Lattice instance.

Step 3: Select the "Change time" button of that new meeting, once it's been created. Here, you can customize the day and time of this newly added ad hoc meeting.

Note: the day and time of the ad hoc meeting must be changed to a time in the future.

Step 4: Once you've updated the day and time of the ad hoc 1:1, select the blue "Save time" button.

Additionally, users are able to configure an "adhoc" 1:1 relationship for cases they don't meet with that employee on a regular cadence. To do this, first click into the "Settings" of the 1:1 relationship.

Once you've clicked into the settings of the 1:1, you are able to configure a "once (not recurring) "Frequency" in the 1:1 relationship. Once this has been configured and saved, your ad-hoc 1:1 will be good to go!

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