Recommended talking points nudge managers with questions to add to their 1:1 conversations that are made specifically to identify what matters to employees, understand their problems or concerns, and support them more effectively. The recommendations are drawn from a proven list of questions and conversation-starters to drive alignment and engagement. For more information and the full list of all the questions, take a look at our article, Recommended Talking Points Library

Note that this can only be used by managers for 1:1s with their direct reports

Step 1: In the "Your Team" tab, click on the ellipsis next to your direct report's name and select "Manage 1:1 settings"

When you navigate to your 1:1 for your direct report, you will now see the recommended talking points. 

Step 3: To add a recommended talking point, select "Add to agenda", to see a new recommendation, select the shuffle icon to the right

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