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✨ Resources for Humans Virtual ✨

Did you miss the HR Super Bowl™? Good news: we’ve got Resources for Humans Virtual for you here, on-demand, with sessions from People Leaders at Postmates, Instapage, Stitch Fix, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Pinterest and thought leaders like Josh Bersin. It just might be the strategic kickoff for 2020 that you and your team need to take your People Strategy to the next level.

Just want the key takeaways? Check out our strategic summary here.

You asked, we answered — the Lattice API

We want to help you and your team take data connectivity to the next level with the Lattice API. By introducing the Lattice API, we want to ensure our customers can accomplish three key outcomes:

  • Analytical Agility: Developers & Analysts alike need the ability to do more with data and people insights. We want your People Data to work for you to give you more power and more insights, faster.
  • Data Ownership: You own your data and should be able to easily access and do what you want with it, whenever you want. The Lattice API gives you more ways to take advantage of your data on your terms.
  • Integration Flexibility: Every tech stack is different and built to work for your business. The Lattice API expands integration opportunities beyond current limits.The Lattice API expands integration flexibility beyond the limits of what we offer today.

Learn more about the Lattice API on the help center or our developer documentation

In-App Performance Calibration for a Painless Review Experience

What if we could eliminate the risk that comes along with Performance Review Calibration and ensure fairness while making the experience painless for everyone involved?

The new Lattice Calibration is designed for simplicity: admins can create Calibration Groups within a Review Cycle by selecting specific employees based on filterable attributes. That way, the scope of your calibration groups is well-defined and documented in the Lattice platform.

By doing away with the need for hundreds of spreadsheets and introducing a purpose-built, productized workflow for calibration, people teams can spend less time worrying about managing the process and more time focused on adding value to the organization the way nobody else can. 

In addition, we’ve added advanced and more streamlined workflows for sorting, ending calibration, and notification flexibility. Read more about using Lattice Calibration on the help center or on the Lattice blog.

Goal Status Reporting

Admins can now see Reporting under the Goals section with tabs for Participation and Status. The new Status tab displays a table with total goals over time color segmented by their status. This is useful for an admin checking on the relative Goal achievement within an organization over a given Goal Cycle or period of time. They can then use the table below to pinpoint the relevant Goal Status for individuals, managers, and departments.

Engagement UI Enhancements & Pulse Controls

With the release, the UI between Pulse and Surveys are now much closer aligned. When clicking into a question, admins (or people who have had a view shared) will see:

  • The question response scale now displays the associated colors instead of all being green
  • Comments show the associated score response
  • Infinite scroll through comments

In addition, we've also introduced the ability to pause Pulse surveys or pause individual questions within Pulse. 

1:1 Visibility After a Manager Change

Now, If you create a 1:1 relationship you will always have access to the data that you generate. You'll still see your 1:1s and notes, even if the other person is no longer your manager, no longer at the company, or you stopped meeting. 1:1s that are not scheduled will have an "Inactive" badge next to the name. Clicking into that relationship will show you a callout banner with a CTA to reconfigure the 1:1.

New Search Interface

Do you already miss the ~cool~ sliding UI that made half the screen unreadable? Neither do we.

(Lots of) Quick Updates

  • Review Notification Updates: When an admin bulk closes Reviewees, Lattice now sends one notification per manager instead of one per reviewee. The notification sent when Managers go last in a review cycle is now also fully customizable.
  • A revamped Manage Review Cycles Permission!
  • Names! Names are... complicated. We've changed the way Lattice stores and displays names. You can read more about what's new here.
  • Lattice Mobile now displays multiple 1:1 relationships and you can access 1:1s with someone from their Profile page. The mobile Directory is now also more visual.
  • Two new Engagement CSV exports: Survey Participation (both manager and department), and User Attributes at Launch. You can export both of these from the Participation tab in Engagement. 

Upcoming Webinars

Engagement Week is approaching fast (March 9–12), check it out for everything you need to know before running your next company survey, and what to do once you have the results. 

We've also got a Lattice Training Series Installment on Using the Lattice Slack Integration on March 18. 

Want a recap of everything Lattice released in Q4? Watch the replay of What’s New in Lattice (Q4 2019) from earlier this quarter.

If you’re hungry for some more content, check out our recent product deep dive and admin webinars 👇

And for a list of all of our webinars, visit our Help Center.

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