An unprecedented crisis can throw a wrench into any organization's operations. We know companies are doing all they can to not only survive, but thrive during these uncertain times. 

We want to take some of the load off your shoulders by sharing with you the Crisis Response survey template we're using here at Lattice. Lattice worked with experts to design a template that allows you to quickly collect actionable insight into how your team is feeling. 

Note: Find more information on how to create a survey using our templates here

What does the Crisis Response Survey Measure?

  • Enablement
  • Well-being
  • Communication
  • Manager support
  • Leadership
  • Work relationships
  • Motivation
  • Commitment to the Company


 All questions are rated on a Likert scale (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, and strong agree) unless otherwise noted. 

1. My stress level is manageable.

2. I am encouraged to take time for myself during the workday.

3. I feel supported to adjust my work schedule to accommodate my caregiving needs.

4. I have the hardware and software I need to work effectively during this period.

5. I believe my company is taking the appropriate steps to minimize disruption to our business during this time.

6. My manager has effectively responded to my needs in the current environment.

7. My manager clearly communicates team and individual responsibilities.

8. My manager has checked in on my wellbeing in the last 7 days.

9. I like the way my company is handling internal communications during this public health crisis.

10. I am able to maintain meaningful connections with my work friends during this time.

11. I feel comfortable bringing up work-related problems with my coworkers during this time.

12. I feel motivated to show up for work every day.

13. Senior leadership has shown genuine care and concern for employees during this time.

14. I trust senior leadership to make good decisions regarding the health crisis.

15. I am proud to tell others about my company's actions during this time.

16. Is there any support you need at this time that you are not currently receiving?

17. What do you wish senior management knew about your experience at work?

Crisis Response: Lattice COVID-19 Benchmark

We felt it would be important to release a benchmark from companies that chose to use the crisis response survey within Lattice so that admins can be guided how their scores compared to others. The COVID-19 Benchmark scoring will work in the same manner as the Lattice Benchmark and can be used if you have included questions from our crisis response survey template. It is located under "Additional Benchmarks" in the dropdown as pictured below:

For more information on how we are supporting our customers during this difficult time, please visit COVID-19 Resources for Lattice Customers

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