In this time of change and uncertainty, we're here to support you and your company as much as possible through our Lattice tools and online support. We're available to assist through chat and email Monday through Friday 6 am to 5 pm PST as well during our daily admin office hours.

We've also created and shared resources to help you and your teams during times of extreme change. Below are a few ways that Lattice can help you understand and manage the impact of COVID-19 on employees at your company.

The Lattice HR Toolkit for COVID-19

HR Toolkit: Staying Productive During the COVID-19 Crisis

In addition to the resources below focusing on the Lattice platform, our team put together a series of articles, ebooks, webinars, and more over a range of topics including:

Measuring Employee Engagement in an Emergency

Lattice Survey Templates
Running an ad-hoc engagement survey can be a helpful way to understand how external events are affecting employees' wellbeing. Our Crisis Response template will help you get started. Use a template, or combine questions with your own to create the survey that's right for your company.

Join us on April 23rd, 2020 for our upcoming webinar "How to Turn Engagement Survey Results Into Action" featuring insights on how to run surveys and followup on that feedback.

Transitioning to Remote Work

Manager Best Practices for a Remote Workforce
Not all employees will respond to a shift to working from home in the same way. For some it could be an easy transition, while others need to dramatically change routines and spaces in order to accommodate. For managers, here are a few things we suggest you do to help each employee create a successful environment at home for productive work.

Communicating with Employees Through Company Change

Best Practices for Manager Tools: Updates
Without the opportunity to stop by a desk or get a group in a room, consistent virtual communication is even more essential to keep the bridges between employees strong. This is one key reason why we built the Updates tool. To give managers a head-start or refresher for Updates, take a look at this best practices document.

An Overview of the 1:1s Tool
Given the difficulties of having to switch meetings to virtual formats, it's understandable that canceling them feels like a solution. But now more than ever is the time to make sure 1:1s between managers and direct reports are still happening. If you're used to conducting 1:1s in-person with your direct reports in a conference room or walking around the block, switching to a virtual 1:1 can be a little jarring. It doesn't have to be! Revisit some of the ways that Lattice's 1:1s tool can make it easy to make sure managers and employees feel connected through this period of change.

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