Overall Lattice Resources

Resources that can be accessed by all Lattice users.

Lattice Help Center

The Lattice Help Center has step-by-step written articles about each Lattice Tool. To find an article, try searching for key words in the search bar or browse the different tool categories. In addition to these articles, the Help Center also has all of Lattice's Webinar recordings and are great resources for both Admins and Employees. You can access the Help Center here!

Lattice University

Lattice University is an online video library where you can find answers, walkthroughs, and discover new features in Lattice. Lattice University has bite sized videos customized for Admins, managers, and all employees about the ins and outs of each tool. All Lattice users have access to Lattice U within their Lattice account. To learn how to access Lattice University, check out step-by-step instructions here!

Our People Management Library 

The Lattice Library is a great place to find helpful articles, regular columns, interviews, and e-books around topics around growing a feedback culture, managing people, conducting performance reviews, raising, employee engagement, improving company culture, and more. Library content is also a great place to find resources to share with your teams. To access the library, click here!

Resources for Humans

The Resources or Humans hub is a virtual magazine curated just for HR and People teams, focusing on the topics that matter most to those setting a People strategy at their organization. Each week, we highlight content for and from the 7,000+ member community we host on Slack. To join the community, click here! 

Lattice Resources for Admins

Resources that can be accessed by Lattice Admins.

Admin Office Hours

Admin office hours allows you to get help live from our Customer Care team through Zoom. We host office hours Tuesday-Friday for 45 minutes each session, focusing on specific tools for each session. This is a great opportunity to ask questions or work through things that you would prefer to do over a video call. To learn more or sign-up, click here!

Change Management Hub

The Lattice Change Management Hub is a site dedicated to housing resources for you to download and edit to help introduce Lattice to their organizations. All of the resources in the Change Management Hub are designed for you to distribute to your team and employees so that everyone can get quickly onboarded and excited about Lattice. To learn how to access this resource, click here!

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