The Lattice Add-in is available as a custom Add-in for the Outlook Web App. This tool will allow you to give feedback and view colleagues' goals without having to leave your Outlook account.  

Installing the Add-In

To install the Add-in first head to your Outlook inbox and select "New Message"

From here select the ellipsis on the bottom bar of the message and click "Get Add-ins"

Next, select the "My add-ins" section on the left hand navigation bar in the modal that pops up.

Then scroll to the bottom of the "My add-ins" section to "+ Add a custom add-in"

It will give you options to add from a URL or add from a file.  Chose the option to add from a URL.

When prompted enter
*Note that this XML link will not work when clicked but will when copy/pasted.*

Then select Install.

Once you have done so you should see the Lattice Add-in present under your Custome Add-ins section!

Using the Add-In

Once you have installed the Add-in you will be able to leave feedback and view a colleagues goals (that you have visibility into) directly from your Outlook account. To use the add-in you will first select an email with a colleague in your company's Lattice account.

Select the ellipsis in the message to bring up an option menu.

Find the Lattice add-in towards the bottom

Select which colleague you would like to give feedback to or who's goals you would like to view.  In this example there is only one colleague to chose from.

From here you will be able to:

  1. Leave feedback
  2. Write a note to self
  3. View your colleagues active goals

Some Friendly Reminders:

  • You must be signed into Lattice to leave feedback.
  • Your team member must be an active Lattice user for you to have the ability to leave them feedback.
  • If you are having issues, try logging in and out of both Lattice and your Outlook once everything is setup.
  • If someone doesn't have an active goal then nothing will appear
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